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About Us

With more than a quarter of a century of experience in surgery, missionary, academic and private medicine, Dr. George Yu, M.D. has been practicing an integrative approach to health, aging and disease. He believes that the art of medicine is to know when to use the right tools for individual health needs.

With shrinking medical resources, severe fragmentation resulting from specializations, the patient often receives partial symptomatic treatments. We take a stand and insist upon evaluating the person as a whole. In acute medicine in Intensive Care Units, it is well known to doctors that multi-system dysfunctions such as heart, lung and kidney together means a higher mortality, yet in the chronic setting, we tend to look only at one organ system and not its related pieces.

Dr. Yu takes the example from his specialty urology and sites examples of people with recurrent urinary tract infections who are cured with a change in their diet and adding probiotics affecting their intestinal tract to get the source of the problem. Another example is men with erectile dysfunction may be having blood vessel pathology leading to an eventual cardiac artery disease. Instead of a Viagra pill why not study all blood vessels and his hormones and treat his circulatory disease