Caloric Restriction and Cancer

We know Caloric Restriction (CR) is associated with longevity (worms to primates and now human), but few are aware of the effects of CR on cancer growth. It retards cancer growth! Institutes such as Hippocrates Institute using raw foods and Kushi Institute using Macrobiotics have seen this effect for over 50 with up to 1000 guests per year.

Please watch the Please watch YouTube "George Yu and Starving Cancer Cells to Death" 2013 with details in Seminar section

Strict CR diet in human at 6 months Show Impressive Results

One possible explanation is that cancer cells, unlike normal differentiated cells, utilize predominantly fermentation (like yeast) "glycolysis" for energy and less efficient use from their "Mitochondria" energy factories in the cells- cancers uses it poorly or not at all.

In fact, people who have active cancers who initiate a CR diet are "Starving Cancer Cells to Death".

PET scans

2/3 of those who practice CR will eventually fail and they need more help. Why this occurs is unknown! However there might be an adaption of cancer cells to eventually use lactate and even ketones for energy however inefficient.

There are other ways to induce further destruction of cancer cell metabolism and not hurt normal cells of your body- metabolic blocking agents.

A sequential and systematic approach with CR first and then adding metabolic blockers will decreases the stress of sudden changes in the body (even massive cancer cell death "Tumor Lysis Syndrome") can disrupt normal body homeostasis) is probably the safest way of decreasing cancer load.

We believe people with cancer should first use:

An extensive bibliography on Caloric Restriction and Caloric Restriction and Cancer are in the seminar and interview section.

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Caloric Restriction, Health and Cancer